Exercise: Working Practices 1/2

Exercise: Working Practices 1/2

Round 1 

  1. Please choose a large organization or company you have some experience with or a system like health services
  2. Look at the whole of the organization or the system you have chosen
  3. For each row below, please choose the practice that became the preferred practice during the previous two decades
    • Is applying both practices a standard situation? In this case, this row can be skipped
  4. Do it quickly

Split complex challenges into parts

When the challenge is complex, apply self-organization or agile practice


Use linear processes such as step-by-step and ‘If the situation is X, then do Y’


Create natural process flows 

Like round­abouts on the road replaced rigid traffic lights for better throughput, lower costs and fewer accidents 


Management and experts provide the decisions to make

Happens through directions, rules, standards, processes,  IT applications and the like


People have the freedom to make decisions for the situation at hand

Build on what you have

Stop doing what does not work

Define what you are talking about

Use patterns: everybody can have a somewhat different view

Demonstrate short-term action when problems occur

Resolve problems at their root cause(s)

When there is insufficient compliance: Enforce compliance with best practices, processes, strategies, standards and the like

Give people the freedom to do what makes (business) sense

Please keep the number of choices you made at the left and right in mind